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Some perspectives as gathered by the Palm Beach Post:

"Point-counterpoint: Does Florida need a new state bird?

Palm Beach Post

The status of Florida's official state bird is the subject of two bills before the state legislature, SB 324 and 378. In the following essays, two state capitol veterans weigh in on whether the title should go to Florida Scrub-Jay or the Mockingbird.     

Scrub-Jay deserves designation

By Anya Cane and Tina Polsky

Friendly, cooperative, family-oriented, bold, curious, talented builder, protective, shares chores, stays close to home — does this sound like someone you would want to represent your community? Well, I have good news for you: Together we can make that happen.

This is the description of the Florida Scrub-Jay, a species that deserves to be our state bird. The Florida Scrub-Jay is the only bird species endemic to Florida, which means it lives its entire life cycle in our state and isn’t found anywhere else. Floridians should have a state bird that we are proud of and one that represents the hard-working, family-oriented nature of our residents.

Florida Scrub-Jays are also intelligent and resourceful with a good memory. Scientists have reported that Scrub-Jays hide extra food to use when they need it. Sounds like Floridians when we are getting ready for hurricane season. Florida Scrub-Jays love the sandy scrub emblematic of our state, and their distinctive plumage is another reason to love the Florida Scrub-Jay. These birds are a beautiful blue, just like our beloved ocean waters. Anyone can see they are impressive looking and charismatic.

What began as a petition and a website to change the state bird — – has become a bill before the Florida Legislature. Senate Bill 378 seeks to make the Florida state bird an actual Florida state bird and we could use your support. Naming the Florida Scrub-Jay as our state bird will give Floridians something to unite around in these difficult times and bring attention to our state’s unique charm and the beauty of the Florida environment.

The state bird is an official symbol that shows off the natural treasures and highlights the personality of our state. The Florida Scrub-Jay is a bird we can be proud of that represents all Floridians and the enchanting nature of Florida.

Anya Cane is a Florida Atlantic University high school freshman from Boca Raton. Tina Polsky, D-Boca Raton, represents the Florida Senate's 29th district."

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